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Feb 22nd, 2018, 3:32pm

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 hotthread  Author  Topic: LB 4.5 is underwhelming  (Read 2238 times)
Richard Russell

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xx Re: LB 4.5 is underwhelming
« Reply #15 on: Aug 21st, 2015, 09:41am »

Now that LB 4.5.0 is officially released I thought it appropriate to list once again a library for LBB which supports the new string functions: after$, afterlast$, remchar$, replstr$, upto$ and httpget$ (I've also included the endswith function although I can't find it mentioned anywhere in the LB 4.5.0 help file!).

To ensure that a program using one or more of these functions is fully compatible with both LBB and LB 4.5.0 you should save the code listed below to a file (called lb45func.bas or something like that). Then add this command at the very end of your program:

'include lb45func.bas 
(must start in the first column and end with a newline).

Because this command is ignored by LB the native functions will be called when running in LB 4.5.0 and the library functions when running in LBB.

Here is the library:

' LB 4.5.0 function library for LB Booster
' by Richard Russell,

function after$(source$, match$)
i = instr(source$, match$)
if i then after$ = mid$(source$,i+len(match$))
end function

function afterlast$(source$, match$)
do : i = j
  j = instr(source$, match$, j+1)
loop until j = 0
if i then afterlast$ = mid$(source$,i+len(match$))
end function

function endswith(source$, match$)
endswith = right$(source$,len(match$)) = match$
end function

function remchar$(source$, charset$)
for i = 1 to len(charset$)
    j = instr(source$, mid$(charset$,i,1))
    if j then source$ = left$(source$,j-1);mid$(source$,j+1)
  loop until j = 0
remchar$ = source$
end function

function replstr$(source$, old$, new$)
  i = instr(source$, old$, i+1)
  if i then
    source$ = left$(source$,i-1);new$;mid$(source$,i+len(old$))
    i = i + len(new$) - 1
  end if
loop until i = 0
replstr$ = source$
end function

function upto$(source$, match$)
i = instr(source$, match$)
if i then upto$=left$(source$,i-1) else upto$=source$
end function

function httpget$(url$)
open "WININET.DLL" for dll as #net
calldll #net, "InternetOpenA", "LB Booster" as ptr, 0 as long, _
  0 as long, 0 as long, 0 as long, hnet as ulong
calldll #net, "InternetOpenUrlA", hnet as ulong, url$ as ptr, _
  "" as ptr, 0 as long, 0 as long, 0 as long, hurl as ulong
buffer$ = space$(1000)
struct httpget, nread as long
  buflen = len(buffer$)
  calldll #net, "InternetReadFile", hurl as ulong, _
buffer$ as ptr, buflen as long, httpget as struct, res as long
  httpget$ = httpget$ + left$(buffer$, httpget.nread.struct)
loop until httpget.nread.struct = 0
calldll #net, "InternetCloseHandle", hurl as ulong, res as long
calldll #net, "InternetCloseHandle", hnet as ulong, res as long
close #net
end function 

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