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LB Booster version 1.86 released
Post by Richard Russell on Dec 1st, 2012, 11:15am

I'm pleased to announce the release of LB Booster version 1.86; it may be downloaded from here: (IDE/compiler) (optional runtime engine)

This version incorporates changes to improve performance and enhance compatibility with Liberty BASIC 4.04, including:

  1. The SCAN statement executes more quickly (when there is nothing to do), which speeds up some programs.

  2. PRINT #file executes more quickly (and is translated into BBC BASIC more sensibly).

  3. Windows Constants are accepted with additional underscores, for example __SW__NORMAL__ (an undocumented feature of Liberty BASIC).

  4. The "!insert" command leaves the inserted text selected (highlighted), as it does in LB4.

  5. Compatibility of PRINT and LPRINT with LB4 has been improved when commas are used for tabulation.

  6. PRINT and LPRINT now use independent tab counters, so that using LPRINT will not upset the tabulation of PRINT (or vice versa).

  7. Attempting to read past the end-of-file (using INPUT or INPUTTO$) raises an error (code 62).

  8. A string function need not return a value.


Re: LB Booster version 1.86 released
Post by James on Dec 4th, 2012, 12:41pm

Thanks Richard!